Dear ladies and gentleman, dear colleagues and friends,

We are pleased to announce the VIIIth Congress of the Czech Society for Cardiovascular Surgery with International Participation, and, on behalf of the Society and Congress Organising Committee, to extend our most cordial invitation for you to attend it. The Congress will take place in Brno from 25th—27th November 2018in the Voroněž Hotel. It will also include the 19th Hejhal Day conference.

The Congress is the largest meeting of Czech vascular and cardiac surgeons which, to our great pleasure, is also attended regularly by a number of our Slovak colleagues. In addition to cardiac and vascular surgeons, we also wish to invite specialists in cardiology, radiology, angiology, neurology, podology and others whose cooperation is indispensable for the best-informed diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. We also welcome our closest co-workers, namely anaesthesiologists, intensive-care specialists, clinical perfusionists and nurses.

As our aim is to provide a programme that is interesting from the professional point of view, we are inviting both Czech and foreign specialists. Several of them have already promised participation. Two leading foreign specialists, one in vascular and the other in cardiac surgery, will present Honorary Guest Lectures at the Congress Opening Ceremony.

The scientific programme will have four components, with sections for vascular surgery, cardiac surgery, posters and paramedical staff. The cardiac surgery section will be open to presentations on cardiology and the vascular surgery section to lectures on endovascular and angiology topics. The Congress will also host satellite symposia and workshops on selected topics designated chiefly, but not exclusively, for young doctors. Company-sponsored presentations will take place simultaneously. Young doctors can enter a best presentation competition in vascular and cardiac surgery. The results of the Best Publication Contest, organised by the Society for Cardiovascular Surgery every year, will also be announced. The Congress will be incorporated into the continuing education system of the Czech Medical Chamber and Czech Association of Nurses. The Congress will also include work-group meetings and the General Meeting of the Society.

Since the Congress is also a social event, we will be hosting a welcome drink at an interesting place in Brno on Sunday night. The traditional social event will take place at the Voroněž hotel on Monday where we will do our best to make you feel at home in the heart of Southern Moravia.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Brno and trust that the Congress will meet your expectations both professionally and socially.

Prof. Robert Staffa, M.D., PhD                                                   Assoc. Prof. Petr Němec, M.D., PhD, MBA
Congress chairman                                                                        Chairman, Czech Society for Cardiovascular Surgery

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Ethical MedTech Compliance

The VIIIth Congress of the Czech Society for Cardiovascular Surgery with International Participation, Brno, Czech Republic, 25/11/2018-27/11/2018 has been confirmed to be Ethical MedTech Compliant.

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