Information for the authors of:

  1. Lectureabstracts and poster abstracts;
  2. Posters to be displayed as part of the Posters section.

Please adhere to the following:

a) Lectures and poster abstracts

  • Send the abstract only in pdf form, which is available in the abstract registration form.
  • Clearly indicate whether your abstract relates to a lecture or a poster;
  • Submit your abstract in digital form in Czech, Slovak or English;
  • Please structure your abstract (refer to the form);
  • Place any dedication to grant/donor agencies at the very end of your abstract;
    (EXAMPLE: The study has been co-funded via an IGA MZČR grant project, project ID: NR 1234-5.)
  • Provide the email address of the author / corresponding author.

b) Requirements for posters to be displayed in the Poster section

  • Format: A0 (840 mm width × 1,190 mm height);
  • Author’s/authors’ workplace/workplaces;
  • Author’s/authors’ name/names;
  • Poster title;
  • Any specific location of the information above as part of the poster remains the responsibility of the author/authors;
  • The commented posters will be presented in the poster section. Each author will briefly present his poster to the chairman of the section;
  • For the Cardiac Surgery section, there is the time boundary 5 + 2 (5 minutes for poster presentation, 2 minutes for possible discussion);
  • For the Vascular Surgery section, there is the time boundary 6 + 2 (6 minutes for poster presentation, 2 minutes for eventual discussion);
  • Posters can be prepared in Czech, Slovak or English. Oral presentations can be in a language chosen by the author (Czech, Slovak, English).

Competitions of young surgeons

The applicants for participation in the competitions of young surgeons must meet the following conditions:

  • Age under 35;
  • The competitor must be the first author of the message and present it personally.;
  • The first author of the message must be member of the Czech Society of Cardiovascular Surgeons;
  • All applicants for participation in the competition must confirm their interest by filling out and submitting the registration form for active participants by 16th September 2018.

Slides included in oral presentations as part of the Cardiac Surgery and Vascular Surgery sections shall be in English.